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The future generation of Hindu society in the form of young professionals, college students, and teenagers has been endowed with wisdom and vast talent and knowledge. This generation has been attempting to work for the Hindu resurgence in their own individual capacities around the world, but not in an organised manner. Indeed, there is a severe shortage of Hindu youth in established Hindu organisations worldwide, especially in responsible positions of leadership. It is vital to reverse this alarming trend as this is already harming Hindu society’s ability to progress. The rejuvenation and revitalization of Hindu Dharma throughout the world rests predominantly on the shoulders of the next generation of Hindus, who will assume the leadership of the Hindu resurgence. The youth are the most motivated to challenge the status quo as well as to change it.

One question that may arise is why this emphasis on the youth of Hindu society? It is the young who first stand against tyranny, injustice, suppression and exploitation, and declare that they will change the situation. A careful analysis of the major movements that have led to rejuvenation of Hindu society point to the fact that the bulk of the activity in such movements was done by Hindu youth. Therefore, there is a genuine need for a global platform to bring all Hindu students and youth organisations together.

Hindu Students & Youth Network aims to provide a proper platform and effective network for all Hindu Students and Youth organisations that are currently active in their countries to share their experiences and provide encouragement to each other. In addition, HSYN will rope in experienced individuals to share their experiences in these endeavours with current as well as aspiring individuals who desire to mobilize Hindu Youth into the movement. This will help and encourage Hindu youth to work for the Hindu resurgence in the future.


VISION : Strengthen Hindu Identity for the Future

MISSION : Involve Hindu Youth in the resurgence of Hindu Dharma

ACTION  : PromoteLeadership Amongst Hindu Youth


Brief History

HSYN began in 2013 at Bali, followed by the successful organization of the Hindu Youth Conference at the first World Hindu Congress in New Delhi in 2014.  HSYN is currently working diligently to organize the third Hindu Youth Conference for the 2018 World Hindu Congress to be held in Chicago this coming September.

Way Forward

The 21st century is driven by knowledge and youth—be it in business, media, politics, social enterprise, or any other sector. With a largeshare of the Hindu population being youth, there is an inherent potential waiting to be unlocked.  HSYN seeks to tap the boundless energy, creativity, and ideas of Hindu youth to fully harness their potential to work for the resurgence of Hindu society on a global basis.

Why is this needed?  In diaspora countries, youth often serve as a vital link between the Hindu community and the broader society, advocating as ambassadors for Hindu beliefs, traditions, and social causes.  Similarly, there is a great need for the global Hindu community to control the narrative about— and speak for— itself.  The growing involvement of youth in politics, media and social media, and academia all point to the pivotality of Hindu youth in this endeavor critical for the future of Hindu dharma.   Finally, Hindu Dharma has motivated visionaries throughout history to tackle what remain the most pressing challenges of today’s time—environmental degradation, security, hunger and poverty.  Through their identification with dharmic teachings, Hindu youth thus have a very unique voice in determining how our society will evolve and prosper in the future.

HSYN aims to fill a crucial gap in bringing Hindu youth discuss and deliberate on these issues.  We strive to cultivate talent, leadership, and a connected community of like-minded Hindu youth to realize the vision outlined above.